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Ways In Which A Woman Can Tell If She Is Ovulating. Ovulation is when a mature egg is let free by the ovaries, it goes along the oviduct, and it is then made available for fertilization. To increase the chances of getting pregnant, most the women try so hard to identify the time they will be ovulating as much as possible. They keep track of their ovulation by keeping records of days on the calendar, recording of the regular body temperature while some purchase the prediction kits. For you to know what ovulation and conception involves, you ought to pinpoint the signals that the body shows during that time. To start with, a woman needs to have a review of her menstrual periods to know whether it is regular or not. For those privileged to have a regular cycle experience their ovulation at a particular time every month. If by chance you have a regular menstrual cycle, you will not have a hard time identifying your fertile period of the month once you are ready for conception. For them to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant, women who do not have regular menstrual cycle should know their signs and symptoms when ovulating. You can identify the signs and symptoms you experience during ovulation by keeping record on a diary for some months. One of the sign and symptoms of ovulation is the discharges and more cervical fluids. During ovulation, mucus to be produced should be slippery, clear and stretchy. When the mucus lacks this signs or rather when it is white and somehow weak, it shows that there is no ovulation taking place. Study indicates that most women feel an increased sexual urge during ovulation.
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During ovulation, some of the women may have light spotting while other get abdominal blotting. The breast may become tender and swollen, and sometimes women report to have an abnormal sense of smell, vision or even taste. During this period the basal body temperature is raised than normal such that it can even be measured by thermometer but not to the extent of having fever.
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During the ovulation, there is an increase in the levels of luteinizing hormone. A day or two before ovulation, this hormone rises and can be detected by the ovulation prediction test. However this test does not fully guarantee the presence of ovulation because there are cases where ovulation occurs earlier than normal. You ought to increase your likelihood of getting pregnant by having a good understanding of the ovulation cycle. After having sexual intercourse with their partner, they eagerly wait for the first signs of pregnancy this is after following the guideline given about ovulation.