What to Watch for When Purchasing Touch Up Paint

People who wish to cover up scratches on their vehicles will often use touch up paint that comes as close as possible to the original color. That process eliminates expensive automobile repair bills and avoids an insurance claim that will result in an increase of rates. It is not ideal, but it is a lot cheaper that the alternative. The problem is that most paint included in touch up kits tends to be watery. The consistency has a direct impact on how the paint adheres to the area, how it dries, and how it looks when additional coats are needed to cover the scratch. Paint from an auto body supply store may be thicker, but not necessarily.

There are products available that are higher quality than most popular kits. One indicator of superior paint is how the paint is matched to the vehicle. If the product, whether purchased in a store or online, has a range of color that can be altered with a solvent it may or may not actually match the color of your vehicle. Ultimate products of high quality will match the color via the paint code used by the manufacturer. The information can be provided either online when ordering, or by telephone, and the right color will be sent in the touch up kit. There is no guessing, no liquids to add to the paint, and no concerns that the scratched panel will be clearly noticeable. A high-quality paint will be virtually undetectable when dried.

Many kits specifically designed for repairing scratches will include a filler and suggest the owner sand down the area to minimize the appearance of the scratch, especially if the scratch is deep. A kit that has a money back guarantee is more likely to perform as advertised. The results will be more professional looking than with low quality kits. Do a little research online to find a site that fully explains what is included in the kit, provides technical support, or has demonstration videos available for step-by-step instructions. Scratches will happen at some point, but they do not have to cost a small fortune to fix.