The Seminal Importance of Using Quality Gear Oil on Heavy Transport Vehicles


If one were to consider the engine to be the beating heart of the heavy duty transport vehicle, we can easily state that both, engine oil and gear oil, are its very lifeblood. Since such vehicles are part of entire transport fleets that operate via certain time constraints and goals. Therefore we can state that long engine life as well as the efficient and economical operation is widely considered to be supremely critical towards the achievement of these goals.

For vehicles such as utility trucks and various long haul big rigs, using high quality gear oil products (that not only meet, but actually exceed manufacturers’ specifications), is actually the need of the hour so as to keep the entire heavy duty transport fleet, fully functional at all times. In fact, such oil products provide a highly valuable role by effectively ensuring considerably longer equipment life of the gear box in question, along with significantly less downtime, as well as all-weather performance and by extension, markedly improved fuel economy.

Lesser wear and tear of the gear box means that the vehicle is able to stay on the road longer and therefore, help generate more revenue in the long run. With the high quality gear oils, it is important that less oil is consumed so that maintenance times are kept to a bare minimum and considerably less labour is needed to change the gear oil. Apart from resulting in considerably lower costs, such gear oils for heavy transport vehicles also have a markedly smaller environmental impact as well. And that is in addition to many cost-saving performance benefits too. This is the part where comes into the picture since they are the purveyors of top quality gear oils for the heavy transport vehicle sector.

In fact, most such gear lubricants can easily be used in automotive transmissions, along with front and (differentials equipped) rear axles.

Not only are these gear oils used in commercial trucks and other heavy transport vehicles, but they are also used in different types of mining, agriculture, and construction equipment.

Some of the important advantages of high quality gear oil include the following:

  • The ability to operate flawlessly in extreme pressure for extended periods of time
  • Anti-wear protection for metal parts
  • Maintaining overall thermal stability so as to avoid the oxidation of the oil
  • The prevention of foaming in the gear box
  • The ability to dissipate heat from various metal parts
  • Rust and also copper corrosion protection
  • The lubrication and protection of various seals so as to prevent leakage related issues
  • Providing appropriate frictional properties

In fact, such gear oils have been specifically designed so as to extend the life and performance of heavy transport vehicle transmissions as per the specifications of the manufactures.

In the light of the above, we can safely conclude that high quality gear oils are of pivotal importance for the entire heavy transport industry as a whole.